Taxidermy/Art Symposium At Bell Gallery

Taxidermy, Art, and the Animal Question: A Symposium will be presented Friday and Saturday in conjunction with the Dead Animals show (up through March 27) at Bell Gallery. Artist Rachel Poliquin gives the keynote lecture —Taxidermy and the Poetics of Strangeness — at 7:30pm, Friday, February 26. Several lectures on Saturday, February 27: 9:30am — …

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Nightmare Fuel

My friend Dr. Moreau tells me the word ‘freaks’ has fallen out of favor — these creatures are just chimerically challenged. We warned our readers that this show might not be to everyone’s taste, but jeez is this thing ever creepy. Taxidermy is unsettling enough, but several of these pieces feature inter-species grafting, including whatever …

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‘Taxidermy In Art’ Opens At Bell Gallery

This show may not be for everybody. The new exhibition at Bell Gallery Dead Animals, or the curious occurrence of taxidermy in contemporary art surveys current artistic use of taxidermy through the work of eighteen artists. (And would any taxidermy/art show be complete without a Damien Hirst?) Runs through March 27. Taxidermy animals are extraordinary …

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Nature Lab Director At Athenaeum Salon

(5.30) Taxidermy — at least vintage taxidermy — has been all the rage in recent years. Whether its the kitschy decorating aesthetic or nostalgia, one certain well-studied and much commented upon species — Hipsteria masonjariensis — has been hunting down these specimens to near extinction. Certainly the prices have gone through the roof. (Time to …

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