Portlandia And Downton Abbey This Week — Yay

Friday, 10pm, IFC: At this point Portlandia is in danger of over-exposure and the inevitable backlash from people who have to to be the first to hate something. But if the sneak preview — “Wanna come to my DJ Night?” — is any indication, hating on this show is going to be hard. (Armisen and

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‘Body Of Proof’ Premiere Tuesday — Science Fiction?

Okay it’s time to watch another TV show where we all try to see what’s behind the actors the whole time. Hey, that’s my nail salon! It’s where the school used to be! Finally, a crime drama about forensic medicine. Crews from the new ABC show —  starring Dana Delany as a flawed but brilliant

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Nightmare On Weybosset Street

Bad publicity is still publicity.  Or something.  Which is presumably why the folks over at Downcity are so anxious to tout their forthcoming appearance on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, the FOX TV program where a British man walks into a failing restaurant and then throws a series of conniptions about how bad the food is

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Watch Less TV

On January 1st, most Americans resolve annually to eat less/exercise more. But since a sizeable chunk of the Dose community appears to consist of skinny, kickball-playing hipsters, let’s skip to another top new year’s resolutions for many Americans: watching less TV. Here, let’s let The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy tell you why: [youtube]sgOWTM5R2DA[/youtube]

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Designers Within Reach

The cast of the seventh season of Project Runway has just been announced, and Woonsocket native Jonathan Peters will be appearing on the program, which kicks off next month on Lifetime. You can get a tour of the Providence-based designer’s home (and his mysteriously stocked refrigerator) at the Lifetime website, as long as you don’t

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Project Runway Recap: There Will Be Beachwear

When Ian Curtis sang that “love will tear us apart”, what he must have meant was “trying to design surf-inspired clothing in groups of two will tear us apart” – such was last night’s episode of Project Runway. After last week’s maternity-themed challenge, our merry band of designers were forcibly paired up by (a sandal-clad!!)

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Programming Note/Double Feature

Comedy Central is running Strangers with Candy — The Movie tonight at 11pm. They have been running episodes of the original series this week. The movie was not well-received initially, the most common sentiment expressed being “I really wanted to love this movie, but…”. Well, I really wanted to love this movie and I did.

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The Muppets Take On Red-Hattin’

 Thank you, ProJo, for reviewing a new Muppets Christmas special that airs tonight (although I don’t know if it could rival “A Muppets Christmas Carol,” one of my faves). It seems the cuddly creatures will encounter special guests including an airport security guard (Nathan Lane, who seems well-suited to working with zany puppets) and a

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