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Froma Harrop On Daily Show

ProJo editorial favorite, nationally syndicated columnist, and perennial voice of reason Froma Harrop popped up on The Daily Show Thursday night. John Oliver was ostensibly interviewing Harrop — president of the National Conference of Editorial Writers (NCEW) — to discuss the NCEW Restoring Civility Project. Oliver’s true purpose was to expose the irony of her …

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Not Sheldon’s Finest Hour

But what are ya gonna do? I have to cover this. Jon Stewart found some comedy gold in the odd cadences and articulations of Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, comparing him to Foster Brooks of all people. Not to worry, the villain of the piece is Kentucky Republican Jim Bunning who is blocking legislation that …

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Attention Netops

A little strange and oddly pleasant to check in with ‘The Daily Show’ and find Jon Stewart and his guest Sarah Vowell discussing Rhode Island and Roger Williams. (Go here for October 5th episode.) She is flogging the paperback edition of her recent book The Wordy Shipmates, and she is still a huge Roger Williams …

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