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Rhode Island PBS Fundraising Drive On Channel 36

(3.4) Several must-sees on tap Monday (March 4) during the annual WSBE/Channel 36 March pledge drive. Tune in at 9pm to watch “The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus” — a film Janet Maslin called “uneven but ripely nostalgic.” The final cut of this near-mythical 1968 “happening” — organized by the Stones and featuring The […]

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Meet the ‘Mericans @ the Met

(But you don’t have to shake their hands.  They’ll probably be sweaty from rockin’ out.) Beth mentioned this already, but there’s been a time change since Monday, and reminders never hurt. Local rootsy rockers The ‘Mericans will celebrate their album release tonight at The Met with support from Boston’s Scarce and Providence’s Tig & Bean.

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Rock And Roll Yard Sale — Sunday

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Shop for that very special last-minute Valentine’s Day present at the Rock and Roll Yard Sale this Sunday in Pawtucket. Organized by Jen and Chris over at What Cheer Antiques who know a thing or two about old stuff.  Browse through records, CD’s, cassettes, 8-tracks, music memorabilia, DIY handmade crafts, vintage clothing,

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Gansett Anniversary At The Met

[youtube]9FYtYkAZGpM&NR=1[/youtube] Back in the 50’s, innovative improv duo Mike Nichols and Elaine May were charting new comedic territory. They both went on to great success screenwriting and directing, but apparently had some bills to pay early on. With this often bizarre ad campaign, Narragansett Beer was staking its claim to the young, kookster demographic (and

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120 Years Of Beer — 5 Hours Of Music

The folks at Narragansett Beer invite you to help celebrate 120 years of brewing greatness this Wednesday night with fabulous live music. Narragansett Beer celebrated its 120th anniversary this year by hosting a tour of events at some of the region’s oldest and most historic restaurants, bars and taverns.  Now, on the official anniversary of

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