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Very Tall Man At Granoff

(4.25) Brown University presents an evening with screenwriter Ian Maxtone-Graham and historian Ted Widmer. (We’ve written about Widmer before. Resumé includes: President Clinton speechwriter; Martin Van Buren rehabilitator; Lord Rockingham of Upper Crust fame.) The recipient of seven Emmy Awards, Maxtone-Graham (Class of ’83) will share observations from his work in television. He has written […]

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The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed

Is Homer Simpson beyond redemption? Ned Flanders tries his best to bring Homer into the fold in this recent Simpsons’ Easter episode. The Simpson family joins Flanders and the Reverend Lovejoy on a trip to Jerusalem (“Where B.C. turned into A.D.”) with predictable results. Pictured here, an exasperated Ned confronts Homer, caught napping in the

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e pluribus wiggum

“Hop on the Wiggum Wagon” Last Sunday’s episode of ‘The Simpsons’ pretty much nailed everything that’s wrong with the political process in America today. And at those times when I bemoan the fact that Rhode Island is always ignored and doesn’t really count, I try to imagine what a living hell it would actually be

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