Hey Kelly, Wanna See My Emmy Tape?

“Reading words” is his entire job description, but listening to Channel 10’s Dan Jaehnig mangle the English language is becoming almost unbearable. On today’s noon broadcast, following the egregious ‘First Birthdays’ feature, he asked that viewers making submissions tell him how to ‘pronounciate’ the name.  I used to find him entertaining (my favorite so far […]

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‘Man bites dog’ is news

‘Man dresses dog’ just bites. Of the three local television stations Channel 10 has been considered the best of the bunch for years.  They have done some great reporting (notably Jim Taricani) helping to ferret out corruption and providing healthy competition for our one major newspaper. But for the last week or so, Channel 10

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Kim Ahern on Channel 10…

…and she sounded great in an interview with Bill Rappleye on the 6pm news. Matt Jerzyk hovered in the background and RIFuture got a mention, but Kim got herself some real face-time talking about how the blogging scene helps fill the void in a one-paper town, and general comments about the Obama candidacy. Channel 10

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