URI President Parlange “Revoke Honorary Degrees”

[Update: The honors have been revoked!] URI President Marc Parlange has sent a letter to the board of trustees asking that they revoke the honorary degrees awarded to Michael Flynn and Rudy Giuliani. The board will be voting tomorrow, Friday. (Come on people, this one is easy.) I had written about this issue last September, […]

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Go Rams!

And let’s hear it for Land Grant Colleges! Given what we are learning about the pernicious effects of money in the world of Ivy League sports, how about cheering for a school you don’t have to bribe your way into! The Rams will be playing St. Bonnies (17-15) at 1pm today on CBSS. Player of

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Vote YES On Question 2 — ‘Higher Education Facilities’

No, I did not go to the Lovecraft Arts and Science Council because it’s Halloween: I was in need of a marine biologist and store proprietor Niels Hobbs is the only marine biologist I know. (As far as I can tell, Lovecraft literature and marine biology intersect at . . . tentacles.) If passed on

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‘The State Of The Arts’ — URI City Campus

The Providence URI campus in the former Shepard Building plays host to ‘The State of the Arts’ through June 28. The annual mixed media 2d and 3d exhibition highlights the fine arts education at all three state schools, the accomplishments of the students, inspiration of the dedicated faculty and the successful career achievements of the

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Eyjafjallajökull Redux

If  you like watching car-sized chunks of molten rock getting tossed into the air like babies, then check out  “Volcanoes: Nature’s Ticking Time Bombs” tonight on “60 Minutes.” Scott Pelley visits three of the world’s most active volcano sites, including the Yellowstone supervolcano which will take us all out someday but hopefully not till after

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Media And Civic Engagement Showcase

The Harrington School of Communication and Media presents “Media and Civic Engagement Showcase.” Come see short videos, photography and more media that URI students have created for the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence this semester. Find out more about URI’s new Urban Immersion program. Meet Nonviolence Institute leaders and learn how they

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Programming Note — URI On ’60 Minutes’

Finally Rhode Island is getting some national exposure for something really awesome. Tonight on 60 Minutes Lara Logan interviews Dr. Bob Ballard of the URI Graduate School of Oceanography. She joined a recent expedition last September when his crew discovered a new site, a 1400-year-old Byzantine wreck on the floor of the Black Sea. According

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