‘Vampyr’ Screening At Avon

(10.29) Magic Lantern Cinema presents a free Halloween-themed screening of a new 2K digital transfer of the Carl Theodor Dreyer 1932 creepshow, Vampyr, preceded by a few short films and a post-film discussion led by Professors Gertrud Koch and Philip Rosen. Fun tidbit from Wiki: The entire film was shot on location with many scenes […]

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Mercy Brown Lives On

Vampire or not, Mercy Brown has indeed achieved a kind of immortality. This bleak but compelling 19th century episode involving the Brown family of Exeter, Rhode Island continues to inflame the imagination and inspire pilgrimages to the poor girl’s grave. This Friday, the Awesome Collective will perform their interpretation of the events surrounding the death

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Why Twilight fans will save the world…

Alright, so this was NOT a great movie. The fact that the film site itself promotes the Rotten Tomatoes review is a little beyond my last college skimming of post-modernist paradigms. Look beyond the frailty of the plot, and you’ll note the poignant post-Freudian take on death, dying AND the insatiability of teenage girls for

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When All You Want Is To Fit In

The tween years are so difficult, but Oskar and Eli have a special set of challenges. The Avon is holding its own vampire weekend with midnight-ish showings of the Swedish movie Let the Right One In. (If that sounds familiar, the title is derived from a Morrissey song, the screenwriter being a fan.) The curious

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In Cinemas This Week

Let the Right One In Director: Tomas Alfredson Starring: Kare Hedebrant, Lina Leandersson Scholars predicted that it would take at least 100 years to right the wrongs that tween-tastic Twilight inflicted upon the vampires-on-film genre, but this offering promises to atone for all of those crimes – and then some. Billed as a Swedish romantic

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