You’re A Good Man, Charlie Darwin

[youtube]2qkGoqAZrqI[/youtube] I’m probably the least into the Low Anthem of all the people here on the Dose staff, so I have no idea why it took a blog in another country to alert me to this extremely lovely new stop-motion video for the song “Charlie Darwin”.  The video was created by Glenn Z Taunton and

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Eurovision Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks one of my favorite days of the whole year: the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest.  Since 1954, the countries of Europe have competed annually for dominance through the power of campy spectacle.  Eurovision is where many classic tunes were first performed, including “Volare,” “Waterloo,” and “Ooh Ahh (Just A Little Bit).” [youtube]yOqtDtUEpVM[/youtube]

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Skeletons In My Closet

[youtube]LxXqztjzndI[/youtube] The tweeny little Brooklynite whippersnappers* calling themselves Tiny Masters of Today have a new album coming out later this spring.  Their debut album had guest appearances from Karen O and Fred Schneider and it pretty much made my fall of ’07.  This sounds a little slicker, in the sense that I could see this

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It’s My Party And I’ll Puke Black Ooze If I Want To

The first Handsome Furs album was a slow grower; I liked it the contrast of the 16 Horsepower-ish backwoods vocals with the dancy beats, but didn’t think I’d listen to it much after the first few plays. Surprisingly, though, it ended up being one of my favorite CDs of the past two years, and one

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Depeche Mode’s New Video Makes Depeche Mode Exciting Again

Whether or not you’re a fan of anything Depeche Mode did after 1990 isn’t particularly relevant when watching the video for their new song, Wrong.  Because the video is AWESOME. Lookee: Depeche Mode – Wrong Video ClipUploaded by Mightybaut The song’s pretty good, too. But man, is that a cool video. Especially because it just

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Nina Persson’s Sensual Seduction

There will always be a special place in my heart for Nina Persson, the former figure skater who triple-axled her way into public consciousness with The Cardigans.  The perky Swedish group had a small string of hits in the mid-nineties (Carnival, Lovefool, My Favorite Game) but didn’t peak creatively until the very excellent country-pop of

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News Slap: Holy Hairbrush Edition

Hair as feathered and fine as Rod Blagojevich’s requires vigilance, mousse, and a special Paul Mitchell hairbrush the crooked guv bizarrely calls “the football” (the article also contains other anecdotal nuggets detailing HotRod’s hilarious spiral into megalomaniacal madness). In case you missed the highly amusing video of an Iraqi journalist fucking a shoe at Bush’s

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Proposition 8: The Musical!

Starring Doogie Howser, Becky II from Roseanne, Margaret Cho, Jack Black, Maya Rudolph, John C Reilly, Alison Janney, Kathy Najimy, and a lot of other people that are probably famous but whose names I don’t recognize.  Also, it’s only three minutes long, and comes from the creator of Hairspray: The Musical!

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