Got Milk?

The Cow Parade, “the largest and most successful public art event in the world,” has taken place in Boston and West Hartford, CT. I think it’s Rhode Island’s turn! To help me bring the cows to RI, visit the official Cow Parade website. If you need a cow fix in the meantime, head down to […]

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1st Annual ITTY/BITTY Invitational

Join YES Gallery in celebrating the ITTY/BITTY works of over 35 artists from around the country. All artwork is 9″x9″ or less and no more than $495. PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Sara Argue, Rachel Austin, Marsha Balian, Mark Baker, Katie Burnett, Alyn Carlson, Cole Caswell, Macy Chadwick, Megyn Craine, Chris Crites, Doug Desjardins, Candis Dixon, Stephanie DosReis,

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