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Coyote On Thayer Street

Maybe the cosmos has been getting the cleanup crew in place in preparation for the end time. From Wildlife Help: Coyotes are primarily carnivorous, but also opportunistic. Their diet tends to reflect the most abundant prey species in their area and commonly includes small rodents, rabbits, carrion, deer, waterfowl, livestock, poultry and free-ranging pets. Seasonally […]

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Wheeler Clothing Sale Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Word got out long ago that this is a good one — quality merchandise at reasonable prices. Lets face it, many of the donations are made by people who can afford to buy nice stuff. . . every year. And not just clothing but sports equipment, small appliances and stuff and things. Maybe you can

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Providence Mayoral Candidates Q & A

An invitation to the public from the CHNA, The College Hill Neighborhood Association (CHNA) will be hosting a moderated and prepared Q & A discussion panel for the Providence mayoral candidates on Thursday, August 26th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Wheeler School, Wheeler Hall Auditorium during their annual meeting.  All five of the mayoral

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Horseshoe Crab Awareness

The Providence Journal reports that filmmaker Allison Argo* will be screening her latest film, Crash — a Tale of Two Species, tomorrow night at Wheeler School. Her Emmy-winning documentaries, which have been airing on the PBS series Nature for many years (this one debuted last night), include Chimpanzees; An Unnatural History and The Urban Elephant

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