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Whole Foods, Whole Lotta Backlash

Two days ago Whole Foods CEO John Mackey posted a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece criticizing Obama’s proposed health-care reforms, and the internet backlash has been swift and fierce. Facebook already has a 2,500-strong “Boycott Whole Foods” group, and Single Payer Action is calling for similar action. Personally, I find any argument that opens with

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That Show At Wheels The Other Night

I made it to Wheels for the Sick Electric/Howl show on Monday and have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  While Wheels is generally too dirtbaggy (and bright) for even my trashy liking, I went because I like watching gay bar types squirm* and because it’s about time somebody new decided to do something about

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Attention Whole Foods shoppers:

It’s about time we all agree to stop confusing the genteel with the progressive. This is out of The Independent: Whole Foods Market, which recently expanded into Britain with a store in London’s upmarket suburb of Kensington, has been discovered stocking tomatoes from one of the most notorious Florida sweatshop producers. Whole Foods ignored an

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