‘Sort Later’ — RISD Senior Show At Woods-Gerry

(2.28) Fliers, posters, signage, banners, images, words, numbers, symbols surround us everywhere, vying for our attention. Graphic design is the art of communicating ideas visually — and the results should be eye-catching — but when you pack this many assignments into one floor, it sure has impact. The visual barrage of the RISD Graphic Design […]

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Industrial Design At Woods-Gerry

The RISD Senior shows continue with Trial and Error: Industrial Design Senior Show. This discipline can include furniture, apparel, and any area of life where a problem needs solving with better design. Seen here is Louise Starr’s untitled and lovely children’s stool. The artist has dyed maple, poplar, and oak veneer, glued it all into

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Senior Shows At Woods-Gerry — ‘Illustration’

(2.25) The Senior Shows at the RISD Woods-Gerry Gallery kicked off this week with Illustration. Seen here is the mesmerizing ‘A Brigade!’ (colored pencil, watercolor, acrylic) by Sean Lark Reece. A wide range of media is on display in the show including ink, screen printing, pastel on paper, paper pulp, oil, digital, and 3D digital.

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Biodesign Talk & Tour At Woods Gerry Gallery

(9.27) “Biodesign: From Inspiration to Integration,” an exhibition curated by the RISD Nature Lab in collaboration with William Myers, at the Woods-Gerry Gallery concludes Thursday, September 27, with a tour and a talk. The afternoon will begin with a tour of the exhibition led by co-curators Lucia Monge (MFA, Sculpture ’15) and David Kim (MFA,

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