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News Slap: Unemployment Edition

ZOMG, Little Rhodey got a shout-out during BBC’s Newshour on NPR this morning! The Brits love us! Yay, go RI!! Wait, why are the British discussing our miserable economy, miserable governor, and miserable accents? Doh. On the plus side, if you are one of the few Rhode Islanders who actually has a job, now’s as […]

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Al Qaida Sympathizers Wait Patiently For Answers

Online sympathizers of al Qaida from across the internet have submitted hundreds of questions for deputy leader Ayman Al-Zawahri over the past two months for an “on-line interview” on a militant Islamic website, and many supporters seem to be as in the dark about their activities and future plans as the rest of the world.

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News Slap!

We shook the internet and these things fell out: The Washington Post takes the Democratic Congress to task, portraying them as “limping” out of the capitol under a cloud of legislative failure and unkept promises. Speaker Pelosi: “Almost everything we’ve done has been historic.” Yes, giving the President over 70 billion dollars after you told

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