Things To Do — Summer In The City

Saturday — Sidewalk sale today for the stores in Wayland Square, 10am to 5pm. (Our friends at What Cheer Antiques open at noon and have a bunch of cool stuff out on the hot sidewalk.) Hasbro is hosting the 8th annual Strawberry Shortcake Convention at its headquarters in Pawtucket from 9am to 6pm. Saturday night […]

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Another Reason I’m Glad Not To Have Cable

I think we all know by know how I feel about Tiffany, the woman who had a bunch of hits in the late eighties despite a total lack of singing ability, good looks, dance skills, catchy songs, or, well, anything positive, really. So why am I not surprised that she’ll be making her reality TV

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Hulkster endorses Obama

Guess this means my childhood friend will have to wait another four years for his dream ticket of Hogan-Powell to run for president: In a move that’s sure to provide a boost to Obama’s fortunes among time-travelling high school kids from the early 1980s, Hulk Hogan – professional wrestler and reality teevee divorcee – has

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