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Yard Sale — Wedding Cake House

(7.30) This invitation comes from the Dirt Palace, the feminist artist-run space founded in 2000 in an abandoned library building in the commercial corridor of Olneyville. It has come to include two facilities including the Wedding Cake House, which hosts artists residencies and operates as a Bed & Breakfast. Sunday’s event takes place on the […]

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Rock ‘N’ Roll Yard Sale At Aurora

(12.13) What Cheer Records and Vintage presents a special Holiday Rock ‘n’ Roll Yard Sale this Saturday featuring records, vintage, and DIY handmade. The Aurora bar will be open. Santa will be there for Photos Visit the Complimentary Bagel Bar Free Gift Wrapping Holiday music by Arc Iris and the ‘Mericans with dj’s T. Law

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Recycle-A-Bike Yard Sale Saturday

Bike Yard Sale — Those interested in finding a new inexpensive bike, or getting parts for the one they already own should check out the Recycle-A-Bike yard sale on Saturday. Find a metal accoutrement for artistic inspiration, a quality vintage piece, a hard-to-replace part, or a new bike to fit your life. There is a

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You Have Upstaged Me For The Last Time

Perishable Theatre is throwing a yard sale today. The theatre will be selling a variety of props, costumes and materials from its past seasons as well as furniture, vintage electronics, and a selection of Perishable products, including printed anthologies of its past International Womens’ Playwriting Festival, posters from its recent seasons, and some Jingle Belles

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