Crunch Time — Election Day

Last minute information about voting in Providence:

Tuesday, November 3. Bring a valid voter ID. The SoS Voting on Election Day page has FAQs.

Some polling locations have been changed. Go here for the List of Providence Polling Locations.

Drop Box: You can drop off your RI mail ballot in a drop box in any city or town or hand them to a Rhode Island election official within any local board of canvassers. Go here for map of drop box locations around the state.

What security measures are in place for the voting machines?

The DS200 voting machines are optical scan machines that use paper ballots. These voting machines are not connected to the internet while polls are open and have several layers of redundancy for security.

  • After polls close, the voting machine prints the unofficial results from that polling place.
  • Each machine also has an encrypted thumb-drive that stores the unofficial results and scanned images of each of the voted ballots.
  • Unofficial results are then encrypted and modemed to the Board of Elections on election night.
  • All voted ballots are available for auditing/recounts.

This means results can then be compared with the paper receipt, the scanned images, and the actual paper ballots.

Also from the SoS FAQs: Campaigning for candidates is prohibited within 50 feet of voting place.

Rhode Island General Laws, Section 17-19-49 currently prohibits the display or distribution of any poster, paper, circular or document that would aid, injure or defeat any candidate for public office or any political party or any question on the ballot.

This law prohibits such display within the voting place or within fifty (50) feet of the entrance or entrances to the building in which voting is taking place at any primary or election.

Election officials, that is, wardens, moderators, clerks and bi-partisan supervisors, assigned to a polling place are also prohibited from displaying or wearing any political party button, badge or other device that is intended to aid, injure or defeat the candidacy of any person for public office or any question on the ballot or to intimidate or influence any voter.

The State Board of Elections has oversight of the conduct of elections at polling places and that office should be contacted if you have any specific questions as to what campaigning is allowed.


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