Nancy Green

Overnight Parking Again

About 15 citizens showed up at City Hall, all supporters of resident permit parking. It was an intense two hours, or would have been if we could hear a word. The acoustics in that room are awful… Providence City Council–Overnight Permit Parking

Ron Paul on Rt.195

The Paul zealots are not the first or only ones to use public property for highway banners, but why on the outside of the chain-link fence? I don’t want to die with my car wrapped in a sheet on 195. Who’s responsible for taking down this sword of Damocles? Get Ron Paul off Rt. 195

Bees in the ‘Hood

Tough, urban bees are thriving while their country cousins die off. Is the city more healthy? Maybe. And a Rhode Island doctor is researching the ancient natural wound healing properties of honey. In a bitter week, this is…Sweet News

Confessions of a Motel Maid

‘There’s no such thing as unskilled labor’, and those rooms don’t clean themselves. Do you ever wonder who’s pushing that linen cart? By the airport, by the State House– maximum work for minimum wage– Confessions of a Motel Maid

Tornado Watch

Hurricane season starts off with extreme weather, hailstones the size of chick peas in Providence, tornadoes in Springfield. I’ve started clicking on the NOAA site with its storm tracker. What are you seeing out the window? Tornado Watch

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