Golden Rule Arrives — India Point Park

(6.11) Show your support for the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and thank the veterans devoted to spreading this message of peace. (That our former president once wondered, “If we have them, why can’t we use them?” reminds us that the threat of a blundering moron ending all life on earth is …

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City Honors Cesar Chavez

Civil rights and farm labor leader Cesar Chavez was honored last month with the dedication of Cesar Chavez Memorial Way on Raymond Street. Activists and politicians, many of whom reflect the city’s burgeoning Latino population, spoke at the dedication. From UpriseRI: “Cesar Chavez was, we must remember, an organizer and a fighter,” said Rhode Island …

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Send David Segal to Washington

We get to write about David Segal even if RI’s second congressional district does not encompass the city of Providence, because Dave was one of the three founders of the Providence Daily Dose. [Correction: Part of Providence is within congressional district two. BC] He certainly reflects our political point of view and has already earned …

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Justice For Floyd

The outpouring of emotion yesterday from those gathered at George Floyd Square in Minneapolis said it all. While a sigh of relief spread across the nation, their response to the guilty verdict was shattering to behold. We now need to reform this corrupted system of policing that has oppressed the Black community for so long. …

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Congdon Street Baptist Church Needs Help

The Providence Preservation Society brings this to our attention: The Congdon Street Baptist Church, the oldest surviving African American church in the city, is raising funds for much-needed capital improvements. Completed and dedicated in 1875, the earlier congregation had to contend with troublesome neighbors early on. A period of prosperity was followed by a period …

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‘No Confirmation’ Protest — Burnside Park

(9.27) Democrats need to get in some good trouble! Last week hundreds of you joined a protest in Burnside Park urging our senators to fight the upcoming Supreme Court nomination. You are invited back this week to hear the plan for that fight and help deliver that plan to Senators Whitehouse and Reed. Aaron Regunberg, …

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