Henderson On-Ramp Closed

[Updated update: By Saturday the old ramp was closed and the new, alternate route was open. It is not super clear; one more sign (an arrow with “Providence”) would help on the new temporary on-ramp. There is a traffic signal now.] New changes on the Henderson Bridge project go into effect Friday, January 22, including the permanent closure of the on-ramp from Massasoit Avenue in East Providence. The sign at the entrance says “seek alternate routes.” From RIDOT:

The existing ramp further to the south on the right side of Massasoit Avenue will be closed permanently. The project includes construction of a roundabout at this location.

So, “permanent” until the roundabout opens. As to alternate routes, temporary traffic signals will help reroute drivers on the East Providence side. If I understand this correctly, they may be devising a simple reconfiguration. So put your phone down, proceed slowly, and follow the signs and flag people.

Massasoit Avenue at Dexter Road to allow southbound traffic to safely turn left onto the Henderson Expressway westbound towards Providence.

Or from North Broadway:

North Broadway at the on-ramp to Henderson Expressway westbound towards Providence, allowing both northbound and southbound traffic on North Broadway to use this ramp.

There will also be some lane shifting on the bridge itself.

Go here for the RIDOT Henderson Bridge page.


My experience on Friday. [Update: RIDOT off to a terrible start. As of noon today the ramp remained open but the signage and barrels in East Providence had created a dangerously confusing situation. Not one single flagman or cop to be seen. Use caution. BC]

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