Our Guy Jeremy Peña — World Series MVP!

This is incredible. Providence native, and Classical High alum, Jeremy Peña has just added World Series MVP to his already stunning 2022 record. Since being named MVP of the American League Championship Series (following his game-winning homerun in the 18th inning of the division playoff game against Seattle) Astros infielder Peña became the first rookie shortstop to win the Golden Glove honor. From SI:

Pena led all players in the World Series in Batting Average, On Base Percentage and OPS, slashing .400/.423/1.023 with one home run and three RBI, while contributing outstanding defense at short.

Days earlier, Pena was named the American League Gold Glove Award winner for the shortstop position.

This leaves only Rookie of the Year.

Well done and congratulations Jeremy Peña!!! You have made the people of Providence very proud.


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