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Recycle-A-Bike Yard Sale Saturday

Bike Yard Sale — Those interested in finding a new inexpensive bike, or getting parts for the one they already own should check out the Recycle-A-Bike yard sale on Saturday. Find a metal accoutrement for artistic inspiration, a quality vintage piece, a hard-to-replace part, or a new bike to fit your life. There is a […]

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Anvil! I Get To Say ‘Anvil!’ Again

Metalworker Lu Heintz will be giving a public blacksmithing demonstration today, at the Steel Yard of course. Her metalsmithing has been featured in trade magazines, including The Anvil’s Ring, and a recently published book 500 Metal Vessels. In the past few years her work was exhibited at the Perimeter Gallery (Chicago, IL), Brookfield Craft Center

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Speaking Of Bicycles

Maintenance is key and you can learn how to do it yourself by going to ‘Wrenching Wednesdays’ at The Steel Yard. Four bicycle repair clinics rotate throughout the month and you can jump in at any time. For instance, tomorrow’s clinic is ‘Cables and Housing’ which covers “Installing, adjusting and tightening derailleur (Oh Tish, you

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Throw, Build & Roll; Pour, Drink & Eat

Head over to the Steel Yard on Friday and get your hands into it at the Clay-Doh & Bowl Sale. Learn how to throw, build, and roll while enjoying wine, beer, soda and great music. Check out the bowl sale and purchase pottery hand-crafted by Steel Yard Ceramics Cooperative Residents. This is one of the

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There’s More Than One Way to Toast A Marshmallow

And there is more than one kind of summer camp — Camp Metalhead at the Steel Yard is now taking applications for the summer session. Camp Metalhead is a FREE two-week long intensive introduction to creative metal fabrication from July 20th to 31st… you will learn about the history and profession of metalworking in Providence

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Where Else Can You Make a Trebuchet?

Or is this a mangonel? I forget. Which one hurls flaming pumpkins into the night? At any rate, if you haven’t taken the tour of the Steel Yard and want to know what goes on there, check out the local evening news tonight.  Barring any important late-breaking news story (moose falls through the ice) Channel

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She was a maniac on the floor…

… so by now she’s probably got about four kids and an alcoholic husband and grateful that she had that welding to fall back on. The Steel Yard offers some great workshops including this two-day weekender for welding (offered this weekend and again the next two weekends). Put down the Game Boy and create a

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The Guild Kills: A Halloween Iron Pour

The Iron Guild returns to the Steelyard for their third year in a row for a unique dramatic performance of molten metal, fire and zombie movie mayhem.  Members of the Iron Guild will perform with a cupola, an iron melting furnace that reaches 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.  Animal Hospital (Kevin Micka) will provide an original soundtrack;

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How metal is this?

Or as Nathan Explosion would say — brutal.  Get out of the rain today by taking a tour of The Steel Yard. Wednesdays and Fridays at 1pm it is possible to get an inside view of the foundry, and the blacksmithing and ceramics facilities.  This is the real deal with welding and hammering and forging

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