Fundy For Trinity Skatepark At Flatbread

(10.14) The Friends of Adrian Hall will be holding a fundraiser Monday at Flatbread Pizza to raise money for their Trinity skatepark. I’m not sure exactly what the Friends have in mind for the future, but I intend to find out. Here is their Instagram post:

This Monday come out and join us @flatbreadprovidence from 5-9! A portion of each cheese pizza sold as well full sale price of @whalersbrewing @tworoadsbrewing @lonepinebrewing and @bullyboybooze go towards the next phase of Trinity. Eat and drink for a good cause before heading to Pronk! Also learn about what we hope to do next on Adrian Hall Way.

I do know that in the past this group has put their funds to good use, with a huge sweat-equity multiplier. (They still have regular spring cleanups and such; they seem like pretty good neighbors.) Nothing was happening in this little block — dedicated in 1997 to Adrian Hall, a Trinity Rep icon with whom most of the skaters are completely unfamiliar — until the skaters got organized, got some funding and some sponsors, and built themselves a regular skatepark with quarter pipes and handrails and pyramids and fun boxes and . . . yeah, I’m just listing words from Wikipedia. (Go here for the history and photos.)

Glossary of Terms: Trinity Mews is the “official” name of the skatepark, but the skaters just refer to it as Trinity. Friends of Adrian Hall is the name adopted by the builders and stewards of the park mostly because they liked the sound of it and it isn’t obviously what it is. One of the project’s original guiding forces, Will Cornwall, told the Village Psychic last year:

No one calls the spot Adrian Hall Park, but I like that the name of our non-profit group, Friends of Adrian Hall, doesn’t have the words skatepark, plaza or skateboarding in it. We’re acknowledging the history predating our involvement.

Last September the Friends of Adrian Hall threw a street party with music (Lightning Bolt, the Hammer Time, and Baby Baby). The skaters never stopped zooming around as the bands played, and it was a blast. The musicians all had to plug in through the doors of Trinity Rep for the power (which was nice of them). As the sun was setting, the adjacent parking garage filled up with people watching the show from the balcony seats. A friend commented as we were leaving that there had been no trouble of any kind, although my favorite comment came following the first Lightning Bolt song (?) when a faint voice rose from the crowd, play faster.

This Monday’s fundraiser will feature raffle prizes from, among other donors, Civil, the skateboard shop downtown that also sells apparel and sneakers and caps. And the pizza at Flatbread is really good . . . as is all that beer. So head over and have fun and let’s all find out what new plans are in store for the Trinity Skatepark.

5pm to 9pm, Monday, October 14, Flatbread Company, 161 Cushing Street, (directions)

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