Love the one you’re with

In honor of the season’s first wintry weather, I thought I’d remind everybody that some people long for what we’ve got — and fulfill their desires in the very most garish of ways.  Let’s go Ski Dubai! [youtube:]

Fountain Of Youth Grand Opening

You’re gonna hurt yourself on that thing. Thanks to multiple tipsters for passing on some info about Fountain Of Youth, a brand new skate shop opening right here on the West Side® by pro skater Donny Barley. The shop sits right next to our beloved E&O and from what you can see of the ongoing …

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Rumble In The Urban Jungle

Rumble In The Urban Jungle Friday September 21st, 2007 The Mob Squad and the Old Money Honeys face off for the biggest outdoor bout of the season. Halftime entertainment with Mustang Cobra and a men’s roller derby demonstration… and a whole circus of local talent!

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