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Wednesday At The Athenaeum

Panel discussion to be held Wednesday, “Free Speech or For Sale? The Supreme Court Decision on Campaign Finance Law” co-presented with Common Cause RI. In January of 2010 the US Supreme Court overturned decades of judicial precedent and over a century of campaign finance law in the case Citizens United v. FEC. Join us for

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Rhody Food Tours

We should remind all PDD readers that the Athenaeum counts you as guests, and that means free wine and cookies. viagra from canadian pharmacy Rhody Food Tours founder Mike Ritz and special guests tell the stories behind Mike’s tour, “Immigrant Cuisines of Providence.” Join Mike, his culinary guides, and select immigrant restauranteurs for a night

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Friday Salon: So, What’s the Story?: RISD Curator Laurie Brewer

5PM at the Athenaeum, free and open to everybody: RISD Museum Costume and Textiles Assistant Curator Laurie Brewer on the exhibit Queen of the Insects: The Art of the Butterfly, running December 11, 2009 through May 9, 2010. Ephemeral, otherworldly, and transformative, the iridescent and fragile beauty of the butterfly has enchanted designers and artisans

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Tuesday: “Ethics and Animals”

Peter Singer is controversial not because his philosophy is especially profound — it’s a heavily utilitarian moral philosophy based on derivations from a few simple first principles, which are themselves attempts to capture those characteristics that make humans empathetic and sympathetic to one another. Rather, he’s controversial because he dares to say stuff that people

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Pecha Kucha and Action Speaks

The season’s final Action Speaks: This week, Action Speaks takes a look at a birthplace of suburban utopia, Levittown. In just over 50 years, the American suburbs have physically transformed the landscape of our country, redefined the middle class and helped to both fuel and bring down our nation’s economy. Is this the American dream we were looking for? Will

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Sister Spit Coming To Brown, Like, Now

Sister Spit, a legendary-in-certain-circles group of writers and performance artists, is in town today and tomorrow.  Led by the eternally awesome Michelle Tea, the raggle-taggle group of wordy gypsies will be hosting workshops at Brown starting, like, an hour from now, and continuing through tomorrow night. Sister Spit was founded in 1997 as a means

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Tonight: Action Speaks Continues With Nixon In China

Here’s Act 1, Scene 1 of the opera version.  Sadly, composer John Adams will not be in attendance. [youtube]5Tv3hrZmcEk[/youtube] 1972 – Nixon visits People’s Republic of China What began as a Ping Pong match is now a game of ‘Chicken’…the US and China; partners or enablers? The relationship between the US and China has been

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Tomorrow’s Action Speaks: The Highlander Center

The excellent Action Speaks began its fall season last week.  It continues tomorrow, Wednesday, at 5pm at AS220, with a conversation about the Highlander Center and community organizing: 1932 -The Highlander Center opens its doors First door-to-door, now e-mail-to-email, will community organizing have the same power in a virtual community? How will we organize for

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