Green Smoke — Time For An Irish Pope

According to a recent report on ABC News, the College of Cardinals is a house divided. Two broad factions appear to be the Romans and the reformers. On one side are mostly Italian insiders, whom some newspapers refer to here as the “feudal lords” of the Vatican. They’re eager to protect their fiefdoms and have

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A President’s Religion Matters — Gog, Magog, Kolob, Etc.

In 2003 President George W. Bush sought the support of French President Jacques Chirac for his invasion of Iraq; Chirac was forced to seek the advice of a theology professor to help make sense of the ensuing conversation. The Guardian wrote in 2009, President Jacques Chirac wanted to know what the hell President Bush had

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Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

Yeah, this has gotta go. I’m inclined to condemn this installation solely on its egregious aesthetic shortcomings, but there are larger issues at stake. This right here is a perfect example of why we shouldn’t be privatizing the municipal function of maintaining public median strips and roadsides. Where most people are motivated by civic pride

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“Are You Questioning The President’s Faith?”

Wrong question!  I guess I can stop waiting for some member of the media to actually challenge and educate Mr. Santorum on the real issue here. The United States Constitution — as written by the Founding Fathers — specifically requires that there be no test for religion for holding public office. To be the president

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Jessica Ahlquist — First Amendment Hero

It surprises absolutely no one that the decision by U.S. District Court Judge Ronald R. Lagueux in the Cranston High West prayer banner case has roused an army of cowardly basement-dwellers to a noble and inspiring defense of their Christian faith. So far this has involved turning on their computers — none of which appear

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NOM Defector Speaks Out

“I remember verbally asking myself, why am I here?” Thus began NOM member Louis Marinelli’s gradual but inexorable shift, from working against marriage equality through the nation’s highest-profile activist group, National Organization for Marriage (NOM) to abandoning that group to instead work for democratic equality. Specifically, it was during NOM’s “Summer for Marriage” summer tour

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