my weekend forecast:100% chance of Heston

I’ve long felt that Michael Moore greatly underestimated the huge affection that many peace-loving gun control advocates have for Charlton Heston. By the end of ‘Bowling for Columbine’ with Moore howling and cringing in the driveway, I just wanted Heston to march out of the house and kick his ass. In fact, I would pay

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A Shining Moment

Obama’s speech yesterday addressing race and the manufactured Jeremiah Wright controversy was brilliant and moving. Whether you agree with that assessment or see him as a crafty politician giving another pretty speech, it is notable for the fact that he actually dared to speak to the voters about a difficult issue as if they were

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The dumbest smart person or the smartest dumb person?

Which one is Ben Stein?  Here he is in the Projo, going off on Darwinism. And here he is on O’Reilly: [youtube:] Stein gets this right (while taking on the tone of the godless evolutionist Christopher Hitchens): Maybe we would have a new theory: We are just pitiful humans. Life is unimaginably complex. We are

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snake handlers on a plane

Evangelical nutbags still have a strangle-hold on the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. The New York Times reports that three speakers invited to participate in a recent conference on terrorism may not be former Muslim terrorists as they claim, but rather proselytizing Christians. Members of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a group suing the

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It’s, like, totally basic

I’m just guessing here, but I think that Governor Carcieri’s wife, Susan, is not an expert in Constitutional law, or anything else for that matter.  A report in this morning’s Providence Journal relates that Sue and Don hosted another anti-choice rally in the State House rotunda… Sue Carcieri called the concept of life as fundamental

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Al Qaida Sympathizers Wait Patiently For Answers

Online sympathizers of al Qaida from across the internet have submitted hundreds of questions for deputy leader Ayman Al-Zawahri over the past two months for an “on-line interview” on a militant Islamic website, and many supporters seem to be as in the dark about their activities and future plans as the rest of the world.

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