If The Dose had a Parade Magazine…

… we would do lame stories like this. Tonight TLC will be broadcasting Miss America Live starting at 8:00 PM. This is the culmination of an utterly inexcusable reality series documenting the pageant’s effort to drag the gals into the 21st century… confronting hair spray addictions, and… okay, it was mostly about hair. But here’s

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Czech please

These guys have game. Ztohoven, a Czech art collective, hacked into the morning weather report and threw a mushroom cloud into the background just for laughs. The New York Times reports that in general it “drew a mild, tolerant, even amused public response… highlighting an old Czech tradition of tomfoolery”. Nonetheless, the artists have been

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Brotherhood gets picked up for third season

Ian has the down-low: BROTHERHOOD marked the first Showtime series to receive exposure on a broadcast network when its’ corporate sibling CBS aired the pilot in primetime, and is the first television series to be filmed entirely in the State of Rhode Island. The premium cable network has ordered eight more episodes to be shot on

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e pluribus wiggum

“Hop on the Wiggum Wagon” Last Sunday’s episode of ‘The Simpsons’ pretty much nailed everything that’s wrong with the political process in America today. And at those times when I bemoan the fact that Rhode Island is always ignored and doesn’t really count, I try to imagine what a living hell it would actually be

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Futurama says goodbye to cartoon network

I’m angry at past-Davey-Dave for not recognizing how good Futurama is. Among other respects, it’s the only network show of the last bazillion years that’s gonna set a scene to Donovan’s Atlantis. But I’m getting over the resentment of earlier-me by watching all 121 hours of the ongoing 5-day Futurama marathon on the Cartoon Network.

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