Oscar Worthy

Providence native and Moses Brown grad, Sam Daly, is slowly being introduced into The Office storyline as Matt the handsome warehouse worker and Oscar’s secret crush (that everybody knows about). He’s only appeared in four episodes so far — with about as many lines. He’s often seen entering the room or leaving the room, and […]

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Old Money Honeys vs. Sakonnet River Roller Rats

Providence Roller Derby presents — Smokin’ Hot Roller Derby in the Rink Of Fire featuring the Old Money Honeys vs. Sakonnet River Roller Rats $10 Advanced @, kids 5 to 12, half-price $12 at door, bout 8pm, Friday, BoA Skating Center, Kennedy Plaza

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Craftland Now Open

We were warned a favorite holiday season event would be expanding into a year-round shopping, gallery, craft school and show venue, but the past couple months, Westminster Street has just been teased with papered-over windows and “opening soon” signs. But, ta-daah! Craftland is up and running today, and you’ll have to get up and running

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Hit Me!

I nearly drove into a tree when I saw that a pinata store had opened on Broadway.  What kind of cockeyed optimist opens a pinata store, in this state, in this economy?  I finally stopped in and her name is Sussy and she’s really swell. Sussy made a point of explaining that these are not

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Outstanding In Their Field

Congratulations to Dose editor, deejay, and maniacal bass player, Eric Smith, and all the other ‘mericans who were voted ‘Best Local Act’ in the 2009 Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll. When reached for comment, frontman Chris Daltry had this to say, “Gee gosh, t’wern’t nothin’.” He then lit a cigar with a hundred dollar bill,

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Skiffle-Ska From Across The Pond

[youtube]8TRkZpFgJcI[/youtube] Micachu and the Shapes are kids from East London. (For the love of God, will someone please send England some orthodontists?) Their new cd Jewellery might be turning into my new summer thing.  The sound is kind of hard to nail down — the iTunes description goes with “primitive punk squonk” — okaaaay. Another

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Where Did It All Go So Horribly Wrong?

Norway. Black metal curdled into something a wee bit death-y over in Scandinavia. Practitioners seemed to have lost sight of the whole ‘fun’ thing, giving in to Nordic despair and good old-fashioned Viking mayhem. Learn more tonight at AS220 at a showing of Until The Light Takes Us, a chronicle of the evolution of the

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Take Action to Restore Revenue Sharing

Alright, slacktivists: Here’s an easy one for you. The state looks poised to eliminate what’s known as “General Revenue Sharing,” the biggest bucket of money the state gives to cities and towns to help out with general operations. In practice, this means that cities and towns will be compelled to raise regressive property taxes, in

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